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Jen Mann

I don’t too often find hyper-realist art all that interesting these days - not since I’ve been introduced to a wider variety of works that just do so much more. Don’t get me wrong, they are usually very impressive, but they lack the depth of pieces that go ahead and use experimental mediums or techniques, interesting concepts and themes or things that are just that little bit different. This could be my recent new thirst for more contemporary and post-modernist art coming through; it very well likely is.

However, Jen Mann’s paintings are an example of what I think is hyper-realism done well. Her almost photographic images are painted in justice with their fanciful colour pallets and well, rather ironically, classic photographic image filter style! The images are reminiscent of the tools I often use myself in photoshop to edit photographs; the overlays, the inverted colours, the pixelated/censored areas, and the sickly and highly contrasted colours one could create by running an image through a hipster, pre-downloaded ‘Action’. I think there is something really great in Mann’s pieces that has made me sort of fall in love with them.

Her concepts are drawing from well-known ideas, yet there’s still something very fresh about them. The designs are something you would be most expecting to see from a graphic design area of practice, so it’s a surprise for us to see them as a painting… and as huge painting at that! Many of these pieces are incredibly large, something that just wouldn’t pay off if they were only edited photographs.

Jen Mann has a good understanding of colour and how to create mood through pallet choices and I feel that the pieces are almost sarcastic? They have an idea of fun about them and don’t seem to be taking themselves 100% seriously.

good to know they can caught my sense of humour. 

wait for my new pieces…. too much sarcasm, too much cynicism, too much fun. xo 





this why they killed him

JFK will forever be one of the best presidents this nation ever had.

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